Deliveries for e-commerce and social commerce sellers
We help you with local and international deliveries to your customers anywhere in the world.
Local & International shipping for personal and business use
Request a pickup or delivery from you or from the seller and we'll get it delivered to where you need it to go.
Create your online store and get discovered by new buyers.
From everyday essentials to fashion, hair extensions, groceries, food, cosmetics and beverages, merchants that ship with us sell these products. Now, you too can be one of them.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some common questions asked about selling with Sendbox.
How do I get started?
How does shipping work?
Where can I ship to?
What type of items can be shipped via Sendbox?
What will I be charged for?
What can I sell using Sendbox?
Do I need to pay for marketing my products listed on the platform?
Available for iOS and Android